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Location: Seattle, WA

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Why I am Shadow Fitness

Health and fitness means something vastly different to each individual. To some, it may mean running a 6 minute mile, to others it may mean feeling great when you wake up every morning. No matter what your meaning is, it is something you have to work hard for, something that takes time, something you take pride in. I believe that those wishing to get the results they want, can get it, with patience, commitment, and with an open mind. This is the Shadow Fitness way, being the person you want to be, and doing what it takes everyday. Their value in community strength and leadership resonates with me and shows the quality of each individual who is a part of Shadow Fitness.


I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach based out of Seattle, Washington. My core training philosophies lie within prioritizing movement and being patient with oneself to learn how to move better so that you can perform to your greatest potential.
I received my Masters in Human Movement and first started working with climbers of all abilities, including elite level/competition climbers in Colorado. Currently I run specialized performance programs specifically designed for climbers and alpinists in Seattle. I also train an array of outdoor athletes online, helping them reach their goals with accountability and efficiency. I have an extensive background as an elite level athlete, competing in tennis at the collegiate and semi-pro level, as well as a climber competing in ABS Nationals. My program design not only comes from experience, but also very importantly, from research. I believe in solid progressions and individualization of my programs, ensuring continued successes for my clients. I am intentional about each choice I make and hope that each of these choices have a positive impact on the community and helps educate and introduce new ways for everyone to reach their goals.
I have recently written my first book/ebook called 'Simple Strength' which I wrote to inspire efficiency of movement through practice and training. 'Simple Strength' consists entirely of 3 basic human movements: the push up, the squat, and the back bend.
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I have a Bachelors in Exercise Science and a Masters in Human Movement.
Over 5 years working as a strength coach in Denver and Seattle and currently work with adults and youth climbing teams in Seattle.
• Precision Nutrition - PN Level 1 coach
• ACSM - Health and Fitness Specialist
• SANM - Corrective Exercise Specialist
• NASM - Performance Enhancement Specialist
• Shadow Fitness Affiliate and Member ~ 2015
• CPR/AED Certified - Current