Endorsed Athlete – Jean-Luc Baker (2013 U.S. National Junior Silver Medalist)

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Email: jeanlucbaker@comcast.net

Location: Detroit, MI

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Why I am Shadow Fitness

Shadow Fitness supports me and my strength training not only with their training studio headquartered in Seattle, under their founder Blue Stiley for nearly 9 years (where I am physically challenged and truly humbled), but through mental conditioning as well. The many years of mental and physical strength they and their affiliates have provided me with have truly made me aspire to be as physically fit and be determined as I can by reaching limits that at first seemed out of reach until I pushed myself that much harder physically and mentally . "I believe that everyone struggles with day to day activities, but with the skills and values (see our story) [ http://shadowfitness.com/our-story/ ] , Shadow Fitness has taught and drilled in me over the years, I've learned there is always a way if you first mentally believe it and then by choosing to make sure to make every minute of your life count.....never knowing when it could be your last". I am also lucky enough that they support my athletic training, on and off the ice, with their functional and casual clothing lines. I am proud to be sponsored and endorsed by the entire team at Shadow Fitness.


Jean-Luc comes from a family of champions and has understood the importance of training past one's comfort zone and truly tapping in to one's inner strengths to become a champion on and off the ice. His mother is a former ice dancer who competed at the 1988 Winter Olympics and his father is a former pair skater who competed at the World Junior Championships. Early in his career, Baker competed with Joylyn Yang where they won U.S. national titles on the juvenile and intermediate levels and took the novice bronze medal at the 2010 U.S. Championships. He has been skating for 16 years and has been a member of Team USA for 3 years representing the united states internationally at multiple events. He currently lives and trains in Detroit, MI where he is aspiring to medal in the Olympics!
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- 2013 ~ Jr world Championships Milan, Italy | 7th
- 2013 ~ United States Junior Dance Silver Medalists
- 2013 ~ Midwestern Sectional Junior Dance Champion
- 2012 ~ ISU Jr Grand Prix Silver Medalists in Chemnitz, Germany
- 2010-2011 ~ Novice Bronze medalist
- 2007-2008 ~ Intermediate Jr national champion
- 2006-2007 ~ Juvenile Jr national champion