Endorsed Athlete – Amber Jacobs (NPC Figure Competitor/Fitness Model)

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Email: amber.b.jacobs@gmail.com

Location: Seattle, WA

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Why I am Shadow Fitness

Like Shadow Fitness I believe in a positive, healthy, and balanced lifestyle. I am driven to succeed and believe that no goal is out of reach; that anything is possible with dedication and drive. Your health is all you have. Being active and eating healthy go hand-in-hand to achieving this. Shadow Fitness believes and supports me in this lifestyle. They help guide my fitness dreams and empower me to influence others in a positive way.
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Amber is an independent graphic designer and NPC competitor, with her sights set on becoming an IFBB Figure Pro. She is energetic, active, tenacious and always on the go. You will rarely see her without a smile and or laughing. She was raised on a farm in the small town of Port Orchard, WA. along with her 3 younger sisters. At a young age her activities included karate, boys little league baseball, football, and hockey. Needless to say, she was a bit of a tomboy. In high school she played both select and varsity fast-pitch softball and ran cross country. During her college years at Western Washington University she was a coxswain for the men’s rowing crew team and a member of the tournament water-ski team.Amber’s love of weight training began in middle school, eventually becoming a mainstay in her daily routine. After a friend suggested competing in figure competitions, the January 2010 Emerald Cup, the largest regional amateur show in the nation, became her first competition. From this point she was hooked for life after finishing 7th there and then clinching 1st the following week at the Empire Classic. In 2012, a new division for women formed, physique. Amber jumped at the challenge of this new class, winning the Empire Classic, qualifying her to compete on the national stage. So July of 2012 in route to the NPC USA’s, she stopped at the LA championships taking second place and the following weekend made her national debut.In 2013 she has returned to the figure division, taking first in her class at the Emerald Cup and is once again heading to the national stage.


Projected Show
2013 USA’s |Figure Class C

Competition history
-2013 Empire Classic ~ Figure Class B | 2nd
-2013 Emerald Cup ~ Figure Class C | 1st
-2012 USA’s | National debut ~ Physique Class B
-2012 LA Championships ~ Physique Class B | 2nd
-2012 Empire Classic ~ Physique Class B | 1st & overall |Figure Class B | 2nd
-2012 Emerald Cup ~ Physique Class B | 4th
-2011 Northwest Championships ~ Light-weight bodybuilding Class A | 2nd
-2011 Emerald Cup ~ Figure Class C | 3rd
-2011 Vancouver Natural ~ Figure Class B | 4th
-2010 Empire Classic ~ Figure Class C |1st
-2010 Emerald Cup ~ Figure Class C | 7th