Darin Hosier

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Phone: 206-300-4234

Email: darinmhosier@gmail.com

Location: Shoreline, WA

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Why I am Shadow Fitness

I believe in a positive athlete centered approach to coaching in an emotionally and physically safe environment. I believe figure skating teaches life lessons such as: goal setting, time allocation and a strong work ethic. I believe it takes a team approach to produce quality skaters and Parents play an integral supportive non-coaching role. Surrounding yourself around a synergistic group or peers helps promote constant improvement with one's self and their abilities. I can attest to this first hand that having a strong support system by family, friends, and colleagues can move us in amazing ways forward and help conquer anything. Being one's "Shadow" and being "Shadowed" not only gets us closer and closer to "shooting for those stars" but helps us achieve things unimaginable.


I graduated in 1989 from George Mason University
with a B.A. in Speech Communication.
Figure Skating Coach 1993-2014
Professional Figure Skater 1989-1992
I trained for ten years with Olympic Coach Audrey Weisiger,
Master Rated Coach Kenneth Class and U.S. World Team Member
Juli McKinstry.
Currently coaching at Highland Ice Arena
$96.00 Hourly Rate
$48.00 Competition & Test Fee
$35.00 Competition Travel Reimbursement Daily Per Diem


• P.S.A. 2014 MASTER RATING in Free Skating (Ranking V)
• U.S.F.S. 1987 Double Gold Medalist (Figures & Free Skating)
• U.S.F.S. 1984 U.S. Novice Men’s NATIONAL MEDALIST
• G2C Staff Member - Dartfish and Pole Jump Harness Equipped
• Coached 2007 2x JR. GRAND PRIX CHAMPION
• Coached 2011 U.S. Novice Ladies’ NATIONAL MEDALIST
• Coached 2012 U.S. Senior Ladies’ Collegiate CHAMPION