Our Story


Shad.ow-noun \’shad-(.)do\ noun-

a. An inseparable companion or follower

b. Pervasive and dominant influence

Transitive verb-

a. To accompany and observe especially in a professional setting


This means shadow in Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja. Depending on context, this can also mean silhouette, reflection, image, or presence. We call this image “Our Shadow.”


Ever made better decisions because you knew someone was looking over your shoulder? Given the opportunity, everyone has the power to change and make better decisions; the feeling of being shadowed represents one’s conscience and helps the act of making better choices become habitual; thus eliminating behaviors that may derail us. We believe being shadowed with an inseparable support system, whether it is with diet, fitness, finance, or any other of life’s stresses, is the ultimate way to positively influence our choices and keep us on track to live happier and healthier lives.


This symbol is a combination of a Pentagon and our 5 principles which we call
“Our Pentiple.”


Our 5 core values or pillars remind us that the lens through which you see and navigate life affects all that you think, see, believe, and do.  Applying these values help forge and maintain this lifestyle and support system.

01.Positive Momentum

Be ambitious and driven to consistently be your best by making positive strides toward your goals.

02.Balanced Lifestyle

Do not be afraid to make mistakes in life and fall off track, just know you can get back on board by making
better choices.

03.Sturdy Foundation

Develop a strong core (pun intended) and disciplined mindset to not only meet the minimums, but to
crush them.

04.Support System

Surround one’s self around others you aspire to be like, who help positively guide you, and are genuinely happy for you when you succeed.

05.Take Responsibility

Focus attention on what you want, by becoming accountable to perform at peak levels; thus never letting yourself or your SHADOW down.