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What is the Affiliate Program?

We have designed our website to bring you and your business more exposure and help you set yourself apart in today’s competitive market.  Whether you are a personal trainer, massage therapist, chiropractor, martial arts instructor, yoga instructor, nutritionist, or anything in between, Shadow Fitness can connect active lifestyle enthusiasts around the world to your business.  Grow your business and be seen by joining the strongest team of fitness and wellness professionals in the industry.

In joining Shadow Fitness, you will become part of a leading resource where consumers go to for quality information and guidance.  Increase leads and client retention by expanding your coverage.  This expansion will allow potential customers to find you and your business while feeling confident in choosing your services from an acclaimed source.  You will have the ability and opportunity to easily provide a description of yourself , your business, contact information and highlight your services for new and existing clients to contact you directly.  All of this done in a convenient and cost efficient way.

Our goal is having a group of unique members that are passionate about their business and helping others achieve overall wellness.  Although you are completely independent, by joining our community, one becomes a part of an elite, reputable group of like-minded professionals that offer the promotion, resources, and referrals to stretch your business.  In addition, this unique opportunity will also offer the support of your Shadow Fitness Team.  Not only will this assist you and your business locally, but nationally and internationally as well!

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on building your own professional site
  • Have info and bio’s professionally edited to increase web presence and ratings
  • Receive potential client referrals and measurable customer leads
  • Earn financial benefits and discounts via affiliate membership referrals, subscriptions, and apparel sales
  • Become part of an elite group of members and gain access to advice, tools and support through our community, seminars, online chats, and so much more

Shadow Fitness stands strong behind our principles and beliefs and is looking for select individuals and or businesses that share these same ambitions.  If your beliefs parallel your own personal “Shadow”, we want to hear from you and ask you to challenge yourself and your business! Please send us your resume as well as your goals for your business.  Should we think there is a potential partnership, you will hear from us very soon.

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Founder and CEO

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