Our Affiliates

Use Shadow Fitness to find a trusted fitness or wellness professional

Today’s workout DVD’s, YouTube videos and infomercial gimmicks have taken us by storm. And although these tools can be useful, nothing beats a one-on-one workout session with a certified and qualified personal trainer. However; choosing someone at the gym or by word of mouth that best fits your needs can be like shooting an arrow blindfolded.

We make this decision process easy because our service is free and we have done the legwork for you. We insure quality because our affiliated trainers have the credentials and are required to apply and have gone through our interview selection.

Our affiliated members come from all different training backgrounds, qualifications, areas of expertise and are respected in their community. These health professionals joined our program because they believe in the quality of our service and are culturally aligned with the Shadow Fitness image and its core values. We do not pay our trainers but rather support them and provide them the tools and resources to better assist their clients develop a balanced lifestyle. We also encourage you to leave feedback and use our rating system to let us know how your experiences are.

Now find and contact your local trainer that best meets your goals and enjoy your workout!