Jun 2, 2016

Map out your fitness journey

You need to know how to get to your goal as well as where you want to go.

Many of my clients when asked, why they want to work out, chances are their answers would relate to a specific goal or idea.  Maybe they want to lose weight for a wedding, be a better athlete, become more agile/flexible, be comfortable taking their shirt off at the beach, or just to keep up with their kids. Then if I were to ask them how they plan to achieve their goal(s), however, their answers might be all over the place and not be as straightforward.  That’s because, while most people understand why it’s important and the need to be in better shape, they’re not always sure about how to do it.

To me, the key/secret to successfully attaining one’s physical goal comes down to one critical task. Creating a thoughtful, well designed plan that is complete, realistic, FUN, and actionable.  That said, your road map to your goal doesn’t have to be complicated.  Focus on answering a few key questions.  How much time and money can you realistically set aside each day/week/month? How long will you give yourself to achieve it? How comfortable are you with not seeing the scale move? These answers will get you most of the way there.

I like to think of getting in shape as a car trip across the country.  Once you know where you want to go (YOUR GOAL) and how much time you have to get there (YOUR TIME HORIZON), you can figure out the best and most efficient route (YOUR PLAN of ATTACK).  Of course, creating a plan or road map isn’t enough to get you to your final destination. You have to put it into action.  You ready for the truth???? This is the hard part because it means your plan needs to be realistic enough to follow it fully and consistently. Make sure you set goals that are within reach and always prioritize your goal! By committing to your plan, you’re giving yourself a better shot at reaching and attaining your goals.

Finally, do not be discouraged if you run into roadblocks or detours, such as “the scale isn’t moving”, or an injury keeps you from the gym, a life event, or you went overboard at Thanks Giving.  These events and setbacks are inevitable, whether your’e driving across the country or working out everyday.  Instead, revisit your plan and decide if anything needs to change in order to get you back on track.  By focusing on your goals, and having a sound plan of action, getting in better shape becomes a journey that will help you reach your final destination. Now find that destination and map it out!  ATTACK