Sep 24, 2015

Create your own motivational action word/phrase.

What innate trait do I posses as a strength coach and personal trainer to easily motivate myself? I ask this question because I am challenged daily by my friends and clients whom want to workout more, live a healthier lifestyle, spend less, travel more, ask someone out or to marry them, the list goes on.  Personally, I think that it truly boils down to my ability to take a moment and talk and prep myself through certain words or phrases to push and motivate myself to ATTACK.  Here is a list of my favorite things I repeat to myself often and have helped me over the years overcome most if not all the roadblocks I have ever encountered.

“Initiate….. Go….. Start….. Move”

“This is a priority”

“Handle this”

“Raise the bar”

“Take a step off the ledge”

“Be the one to make it happen”

“Action is easy if I have a plan”

“Do I fully understand the cost of not starting”?

“This is below the minimum”

& my personal favorite……


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