Mar 17, 2014

Never Enough Time

Working in the fitness industry has certainly brought to my attention that in public settings, and other trainers and coaches may attest to, is that no matter where I meet people and they realize that I am a strength coach or personal trainer, the first question they all ask is…………”What is the quickest way for me to lose weight?”

Instead of trying to explain to each of these individuals the complexity of that question, my go to response is, “Do you make exercise and food choices a priority?”.  Answer…………….I don’t have enough time.

You always have time for whatever is a priority.  PERIOD!!!!  No matter what.  If paying the bills, working, watching television, video games, Facebooking, or going out afterwork is your priority, then you will make time for it.  If you don’t make the time for something, it means that it is not really that important to you.  Excuses and rationalizing are not the answers to your lack of time.  Ever wonder why companies always guarantee results if you devote a certain amount of time to their product or service?  They are betting on two things. First, that you won’t use the product or service at all and will be too lazy to call in on the guarantee. Second, if you do devote the required amount of time you will see results (hence, the guarantee). Because let’s face it, like I always tell my clients, if you make your goals a priority, you will see results!!!

How do you make working out and your nutrition a priority?  Easy answer, you need to make the time.  Whether it means getting up earlier in the morning to make sure you get your workout in for the day, cooking your meals a week in advance, or something as simple as blocking out “me” time in your Outlook calendar.  If losing weight, getting stronger, looking healthier, making more money, spending more time with the family or whatever it may be, learn to not make excuses. Be honest with yourself and ask what is most important to you in your life. See where your goals and your priorities truly do or do not align.   “Never enough time” is not a reason, so get to prioritizing and attack!