Mar 11, 2013

Feel your workout was just “so so”? Try the Weights of Justice!

I’m asked all the time what a good finish or warmup routine could be or if they do not have much time.  My answer is a workout routine I’ve coined the “weights of justice”.  As one side goes down, the other goes up.  Basically, it is starting something at ten repetitions and immediately performing another exercise for one rep.  Then you go back to the original exercise and perform only 9 repetitions, then going to the other one and increasing it to 2 repetitions.  As the first exercise descends from 10-1, the other exercise routine ascends from 1-10 reps.  Here are some of my favorite examples.

1. Squat jumps to Pushups.  Perform 10 squat jumps then 1 pushup, go back to 9 squat jumps and then 2 pushups, and so on.

2. Pull Ups to Weighted Squats

3. V-Ups to Burpees

4. Cardio Interval walk to run.  Perform 10 minutes of a treadmill at slight inclined walk then run for 1 minute, back off to a walk and finish 9 minutes and then hit a 2 min run, then to 8 and 3 min respectively until you reach a 10 min run.

These are just a few variations and by no means is it necessary to perform them in that order.  For example, try the weighted squats first and then perform one pullup.  Have fun trying these and creating your own combos.  Now train like a champ and tip the weights!